Is the government

making us fat?

You'll never believe who's behind America's obesity epidemic.

The obesity epidemic is busting at the seams, and scientists are baffled. What is behind Americans' rampant weight gain? Is it merely more calories and less exercise in a culture overflowing with excess and convenience?

Willie Barnes runs a newsstand in inner-city Washington, DC. In his heyday, Willie was a lab tech--and key player--in a top-secret experiment with flavor enhancers. Dr. Charles Mohr is a physician specializing in obesity and is sure the food industry has something to do with the epidemic, but has no proof. Jason Lieberman, a tenacious young journalist, believes the dramatic rise in obesity is tied to a mysterious food additive introduced in the 1970s.

Enter Gordon Irving, CEO of one of the country's largest agricultural conglomerates--and presumptive nominee for United States vice president. Could he also be the mastermind behind the country's ever-expanding waistline?